Cable Harness Manufacturers

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Cable Harness Manufacturers

Across a huge range of industries, cable harness manufacturers are working with many different clients to help them create the most effective harnessing systems. From aircraft, automation and oil, to food, beverage, robotics and renewable energy, cable harness manufacturers such as Lapp UK offer their guidance and services to advise and help create the most effective cable technology in the world.

Typically, a cable harness assembly is manufactured according to geometric and electrical requirements. The cables are cut with specialised cutting machines when after which they are printed on. The ends of the cables are stripped to expose the core, which are then installed with the relevant type of terminals or connector housings.

Cables are compiled together and clamped onto a pin number board that relates to the specification, which creates the cable harness. They can also be attached to terminals if the process would benefit from it. Once the cable harness manufacturer has completed the job, the cable harness can be fitted directly onto or into the application.

Depending on the client’s requirements, specific features can be included, such as low smoke halogen free properties, fire resistance, armour, flexibility and much more. Much of the process is undertaken using highly specialised equipment that allows automatic processing. The processes are elaborate and require set up. Processes such as routing cables through sleeves, inserting one sleeve to another, fastening strands along with tape, clamps or even cable scarves are a part of the manufacturing stage may require automatic and manual production. Where manual production is used, it may be considered as more cost effective than automation, as there are fewer technicalities involved.

Cable harness manufacturing is a specialist service that can benefit a business in any type of industry. Check out Lapp UK to find out more.


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