Populated Cable Chain

Lapp can cater to your individual needs when it comes to a populated cable chain for you and your business.
With an outstanding range of different solutions available make sure you contact Lapp today for all your needs.

What is a populated cable chain?

Almost a cousin to your traditional cable harness, a populated cable chain is more relevant when it comes to the implementation of BUS cables and servo motors within the automation industry.

As it is an industrial atmosphere and one that requires all varieties of different cables for many different processes, a standard harness isn’t quite adaptable enough for usage. Instead, a different design which allows for all manner of data transferral is necessary and this is where the “train track” aesthetics of the populated cable chain are at their most useful.

What is the process of design?

The instant Lapp receives correspond from you or your business over your requirements, work immediately begins with the first being diligence in noting your specifications.

It progresses from there with an initial design drafted up by the team of specialists who will be meticulous to the final detail. There will be all manner of stages of which include any necessary revisions before it’s altered using CAD (computer aided design). Lapp will then send the concept to you for approval.

Why Lapp?

Along with the dedicated team of specialists, Lapp can offer you value you for money based against the overall quality of your product.

Using only the best materials, Lapp’s populated cable chain will be able to withstand pressures over time from flexing and with a performance warranty; you’ll be assured that you’re getting longevity from your purchase.

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