Custom Cable Assemblies

How you can achieve all your custom cable assemblies needs with Lapp today.

Lapp prides itself on a strong and decorated client base and one that is as varied as it is large in scope. Whether it’s a new business which is just starting out or a multi-conglomerate, Lapp has always delivered.

The idea is simple: to always provide the best and most personable customer service to all clients.

Lapp is constantly striving to be on the same page as the customer, down to the smallest detail of specifications without sacrificing affordability or fluency of their production.

There are 40000 products available directly from Lapp across one of the broadest ranges you’ll find anywhere on the market.

What can Lapp offer me?

Whichever selection of cables need to be combined into custom cable assemblies, Lapp can use their broad skillset to provide you the best in assemblies.

In basic terms, a custom cable assembly consists of several strands of wires which may prove cumbersome if left exposed. Either via cable ties, electrical tape or other methods, the loose cabling can then be clamped together to deliver the optimum in electrical currents.

With engineers available on hand at all times, Lapp can provide all of your requirements with the task not a burden to your business – they will handle everything for you.

Why Lapp?

As a company with 50 years of experience, Lapp have grown to understand exactly what every client needs.

Either via your own-sourced connectors or with their exclusive and specialised selections, Lapp will guarantee the best service possible.

Some businesses can sting you with unexpected charges and quotations but this is no issue with Lapp. Providing updated costs as the production ball rolls on, you can be assured throughout the process.

If you’re unsure about what it is you may actually need, the team of engineers are on hand to provide the information you need with graphics available from the first concepts of your eventual product. Even after the product is finalised and delivered, Lapp will always help your needs as well.

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