Cable Harness

All the information you could need about your cable harness, especially sourced by Lapp.
There are so many different usages for a cable harness that you could become a little lost by the many different variations of these unique and effective solutions.

Lapp’s here to help you with any enquiry you may have concerning them and will work with you to ensure you’re not only receiving the best product but also the best customer service available.

What is a cable harness?

Something which will prove detrimental to a workplace in terms of productivity and safety is loose cabling hazards. This can lead to many implications for you and your business.

With a simple binding of said cables together, you can be assured of a securer and safer arrangement which will also protect the internal cables from outside elements which can prove damaging. As well as general abrasion, the outer sheath of your cable harness will provide protection against human error and potentially corrosive chemicals.

Depending on the environment, you should always consult specialist manufacturers for the right product for you and your business. If you require rigidity with your cable harnessing, a non-flexible variant will (over time) protect your cables from gradual wear from excessive movement and pressure.

What are some of the different terms?

If you’re not completely clued in on the benefits of cable harnessing, it could be purely down to the fact that you may know it by another name such as:

• Cable assembly
• Cable loom
• Wire loom
• Wire assembly
• Wire harness

Depending on your corner of the world, the name of these will always differ but the most commonplace one is cable harness.

Why Lapp?

It is not uncommon for other suppliers to give you the harness in its non-composite form. This means that each separate component will have to be customised one by one.

Lapp pride themselves on delivering high-quality, already made cable harnesses to suit your needs. After correspondence with a client, the team of specialists will get to work on producing your product to your requirements as soon as possible.

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