Cable Harnessing Design


Cable Harness Design

cables by lappDesign can vary significantly. There are thousands of ways of assembling different cables to achieve optimum performance in various applications.

Some of the more standardised cable assemblies are popular in specific industries, but due to the different demands of individual applications, most good companies offer a full design service. Wire assemblies are generally calculated, or individually specified, to an applications electrical and geometric requirement.

This is always done using advanced computer software to ensure perfect measurements and to reduce human error. Stringent and methodical control is kept over this process to ensure the assemblies high quality. The individual wires are then cut to the specified requirements and bound together to produce the cable harness.

Each aspect of a wire harness is considered before the final product is constructed. The environment in which a cable assembly can be used can vary greatly. In application on an aeroplane the cable harness will need to cope with low temperatures and varying degrees of pressure, whilst another in use on a seafront will need to handle both the degradation caused by salt in the air and the UV rays from the sun.

All quality suppliers will offer tailored assistance in the design of cable assembly with the additions of motor drive cables, junction and control panels, populated cable track assemblies, control panel remote access ports, industrial connectors, switch and emergency stop boxes and all associated harness products and accessories for specialised individual applications.

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