When looking for a bespoke cable harness UK supplier, Lapp systems UK should be your first choice. Not only is every harness designed specifically to suit your requirements by engineers with over 30 years of combined experience, you’ll be guided through the whole design process. This includes the design concepts, prototypes, production and the final testing.

You’ll also receive customer assistance during and after the installation of your bespoke cable harness. Once your harness is installed within the factory, Lapp is able to stock the finished goods in preparation for when they are required again, helping to reduce your overall cash flow.

A cable harness allows for multiple cables to be bound into one manageable cable, either through a wire loom or a strong outer sheath.

So why are cable harnesses such an important investment? There are a number of reasons why, ranging from increased safety to cost-saving benefits.

One very good reason for investing in cable harnesses is the amount of time it can save. The cable installation process is made easier, as well as a whole lot quicker. It also means that when training new workers, you won’t have to spend as much time explaining the purpose of each and every cable.

Should a cable happen to malfunction or break, the issue can be identified much quicker if all the cables are neatly harnessed. Identifying a problem and resolving it early will reduce downtime, which is likely to save you money.


Having cables harnessed can also make the workplace safer. Cables lying across a factory floor are an accident waiting to happen, and the more cables you have, the greater the risk is of one occurring. Neatly organised cables reduce the chances of slips and trips occurring.

Cable harnesses are also good at protecting the bound cables within. A cable harness usually consists of a protective outer sheath, made from a tough and resistant material. This sheath protects cables from abrasions, moisture and other liquids which may otherwise damage the cabling.

Replacing cables takes time and money. Cables which have been protected within a harness are less likely to fall into disrepair, reducing the amount of maintenance and replacements required.

A cable harness will also save space within machinery. They can often be found within aeroplanes, robotics within industrial environments and automobiles. Freeing up space within automation and robotics means that they can function and move around to their maximum ability, increasing their overall productivity.



Article Name
Choosing a Bespoke Cable Harness Supplier
A cable harness allows for multiple cables to be bound into one manageable cable, either through a wire loom or a strong outer sheath.
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