Cable Harnessing



Assembly Usage

cable assemblyCable assembly is used in many industries across the world. Due to the benefits of cable assembly usage, such as increased rigidity and less chance of short circuit they are ideal for many different applications and can be adapted to many different technologies and environments.

It is commonly used in construction machinery, the automobile industry and industrial lighting and control mechanisms. In cars, planes and spacecraft there is typically a very high volume of wiring and cables. Cable assemblies are perfect for maximising space whilst offering increased protection to the individual cables which are harnessed inside. In the case of aircraft, there can be miles of cabling which would cause a logistical nightmare without the use of cable harness technology.

The process of fitting a cable harness is made much easier and installation is much quicker due the fact that there is only one cable to fit. Because of the ease of assembly, it is possible to manufacture bespoke cable assemblies for nearly any electrical application. They can come in different lengths, diameters, wire ranges and in various resistant materials.

The different outer sheaths can combat UV rays, oil, heat, fire, moisture or cold and therefore the cable assembly can be used in a plethora of different environments. Some cable assemblies are made of 100% recyclable materials and therefore are environmentally friendly. On top of this there is a wide choice of terminals and connectors available for both the input and the output of electrical current, data and control.

Cable harnessing and wire assembly is also used in bespoke electrical architecture and in the entertainment industry. Where there is a mixture of light and sound cables in tandem use for the same act or show, it makes the process, and the logistics, much simpler if cable assembly is applied.

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